Smart Parking Lock

Parking  is one of the biggest troubles for car owners in the city. The number of motor vehicles has increased sharply, and the parking space has been scarce. Therefore, revitalizing the existing parking resources is the fundamental method to solve the problem, so the shared parking will come into being. The cloud smart  parking lock makes the shared parking space simple, and the intelligent parking lock is integrated. Low-power sensor and wireless communication module, which can report the parking status and lock information to the target cloud platform in real time.

Product Features

1. Connect with the cloud, lock and unlock by phone app
2. Integrated speaker, you can call the speaker through the mobile phone app to find the parking space
3.IP67 waterproof
4.To withstand pressure of 5 tons
5. Low-power design, two-year lithium battery can work for one year in the case of two locks per day.

Support Scanning Unlocking

  • Reservation of parking space can be made by sweeping code
  • Power shortage alarm

Support Bluetooth / NB-loT / GPRS control

  • Arm stop return
  • Compressive, waterproof, anti-theft

Support app unlocking reserved parking spaces

  • Remote monitoring of parking space status

  • Pull the alarm

Cloud smart parking lock's function

Parking detection function

Through the geomagnetic sensor, understand the occupancy of the parking space, and provide the basis for the execution of the parking lock command

Low battery alarm

An alarm sounds when the battery voltage is too low, indicating that maintenance is required 

Automatic alarm function

Parking lock automatically alarms when subjected to external force

Initialization and dynamic correction

Collect environmental geomagnetic data and dynamically correct interference caused by environmental changes

Detection function

Provide anti-smash protection, geomagnetic signal check, and block arm resistance detection

Support remote monitoring of parking space status

Real-time tracking of parking space information to provide effective parking efficiency for users